About Us

Fourway has been providing internet service since 1997, when we started providing dial-up internet service to customers (AOL was the standard at the time!). The business has evolved since then into what it is today, providing high-speed internet service to our customers through the use of wireless antennas and fiber-optics.

Many of the employees at our company (including the management) have been working and living in the area for a very long time.

Our company originally started up as Fourway Computer Products, Inc; it started in 1979 performing network & computer services.

Using Towers to Provide Internet Service

When a wireless connection is used, the customer antennas have line of sight access to our network of towers. This allows us to provide internet service to a vast number of areas, including ones that other companies are not able to do.

The technology that we use is always evolving and changing, which makes working in this business both exciting & never boring!

Providing Internet Service For the Future

We are always looking at our network of antennas and making adjustments to it that will maximize the performance we provide to our customers, as their satisfaction is our top goal. We continually adapt and work on our network of antennas & towers in order to achieve this.

Our website will continue to be updated as time goes on with what we offer to both current & future customers, which in turn keeps us on track with providing the best internet service that we can.